Mara Herefords

Archer Oval


Herd History & Sires in Pedigrees

The stock bulls used at Prestone  were a formidable combination.




He was a bull of great width of hindquarter and hind leg placement combined with beautiful fleshing together with a pedigree full of Tarrington blood that fits so well with the herd blood lines.





He was Junior and Reserve Champion, East of England in 1978.  He made history with his elder full brother at Kington in 1978 and Three Counties in 1979 by taking Reserve Supreme Champion to Broadley on both occasions.  Broadly was very successful at Westwood for many years.  Brewer went on to be Reserve Bull of the Year 1979 to Broadley again.





A sire of great size and quality and full of Tarrington blood who went on to be Runner Up Bull of the Year in 1981.  Duggan was a son of the impressive Wabash Allen 1X





A bull of great length, bone, and ruggedness, who produced tremendous milky daughters.

The MARA was a continuation of the PRESTONE breeding herd started in1969 by Charles Mackaness for which Bob Borwick took on the management. The female nucleus for the Prestone Herd came from the Haven with the Patch's, Dowager's and Oyster Lass's propagating.  In 1976 further lines were introduced from the Badlingham and Rowington herds, and later still from Geoffrey Thomas at Weston.

In 1985 we saw the dispersal of PRESTONE Herefords and the start of MARA  Herefords with six female lines from Prestone giving the nucleus, five of the six remain today.


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