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Mara Herefords

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Previous Herd Sires

ANHAY BOSORNE    b. 14/11/03

Bought privately at 15 months of age.  Anhay Bosorne has an impeccable pedigree,- in the sixth generation the Blossom female line features in 3 of the 4 grandparent lines.  Ther are to date 42 crossings traced of the great Tarrington March On making Tarrington blood very strong.  Anahay Bosorne was out of the best cow in the Anhay herd when he was purchased.

CLIPSTON BOWMAN    b. 16/09/00

Bought privately at 18 months of age.  Clipston Bowman was shown successfully as a youngster, and was judged the best stock bull in the Midlands & East Anglian Hereford Breeders Association Herd Competition in 2004.  4of the 5 females in the winning Group of Five at Tenbury 2005 were Clipston Bowman daughters.  A son, Mara Warrior, was Champion at the Spring Show & Sale 2005 and went on to gain the Championships in the South West including Devon County Show 2005

BADLINGHAM BOYCE     b. 31/03/98

Badlingham Boyce is a sire with total balance,correctness and size, boasting a pedigree conbining two of the greatest female lines from the Badlingham Herd -  none other than the Blossom and Bridesmaid lines.  His sire's dam was Badlingham Bridsmaid 16 (Horned Female of the Year) and his great granddam was Badlingham Blossom 35 (horned Female of the year).  Badlingham Boyce has left the Mara herd with some wonderful daughters and he is now with Robert Eld  & Craig Mcreath.

MARA THUNDER      b.12/02/00

Mara Thunder was a firm fleshed son of Badlingham Breage with masive hind quarters.  Sold to Tim Martin of Bodmin for use on his dairy herd, and Thunder's crossbred calves have been making higher prices than Limousins in their local market.

PELOKKE LINCOLN    b.22/05/96

Semen was imported from Denmark from Pelokke Lincoln, who was judged the Best Horned Hereford Bull in Denmark in 2000 and 2001.  He is a bull with great length, body and back end and his progeny carry his high growth rate potential.  His first daughter in the Mara herd was Intermediate Female Chmapion at Tenbury 2005.

BADLINGHAM BART   b. 02/09/97

Badlingham Bart was a great Generator son out of Blosson 50 (Horned female of the Year) who was daughter of Mara Chancellor.


Badlingham Branston was a Clipston Krespian (Horned Bull of the Year) son out of the Caroline family, whose potential was under rated while he was with the Mara herd. He has four daughters in the herd, all with great balance and milking ability.  Mara Archer is out of a Branston daughter.

PRESTONE BOXER    b. 01/09/04

Prestone Boxer was Supreme Champion Tenbury.  He was a 93J son who was exported to Denmark.  He typed his females at the Mara producing beautiful milky females and good strong bulls such as Mara Chancellor and Mara Democrat.  Boxer semen can still be purchased from the Hereford Cattle Society.

BROOK FINALIST   b. 08/11/88

Brook Finalist was one of the great sires to be used in the breed in the last 15 years.  He achieved Champion Male at Tenbury and left a wealth of wonderful females in the Mara herd of which only 2 now remian, and he then went on to make an even bigger name for himself at Badlingham with the likes of Badlingham Beresford and Badlingham Bennett. Had Finalist had more time in service at Badlingham I am sure we would have all been relegated to lower placings in the show ring as a result, but would probably have gained from the legacy of having more great sons of Finalist used in the breed.


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